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Solar Panel Farm8

Our services

Independent Engineering Reports

Provides a review of the proposed solar energy project’s contractual documents with an evaluation of the technical design to verify compliance and ability to meet contractual obligations. It includes a construction Document and Cost Review with options to expand its scope to fit the needs of your project, including consulting services such as a Contractor Evaluation, Financial Analysis, etc.

Energy System Design & Construction Oversight

Partner provides commercial solar system design and engineering services to meet your energy efficiency needs while also meeting all permitting requirements necessary for approval. Also, provides structural, electrical, and engineering oversight and construction administration services to ensure the successful implementation of a solar system. Services include Construction Progress Monitoring, Funds Control/Funds Disbursement, and Completion Commitment.

Solar Feasibility Study

Partner’s solar experts can help clients determine the feasibility of a solar system for their facility. This includes on-site visual observations of the building and surrounding property, as well as conceptual site plans, preliminary layouts, and economic analyses for the proposed PV system. Partner will model the expected production of the system.

Solar Commissioning

As part of the commissioning process, the Partner can review and finalize commissioning checklists, generate a Punchlist for each system, and conduct and review Performance Tests and Capacity Tests. Partner can also provide the following certifications: Mechanical Completion, Substantial Completion, Final Completion, Ability to Produce, and Place in Service.

Geotechnical Services

This investigation includes geotechnical analysis of subsurface conditions and a recommendation for the appropriate type of foundation for the proposed solar systems. Our integrated, multidisciplinary approach and supplemental services make it easy for clients to understand and manage geotechnical issues. Partner’s experienced point of contact will be able to support your specific project needs every step of the way.

Owner’s Representation

Partners can help streamline the process of designing, evaluating, funding, and implementing your next energy project. Owner’s Representation services can include designing appropriate energy solutions, managing the contractor selection and bid process, providing construction oversight, optimizing procurement and financing options, managing all third-party communications on behalf of the client, and facilitating client training to ensure the ongoing success of energy projects.

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