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We make it perfect

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If we want, we can build a clean energy future at a modest cost because there is no shortage of solar and wind energy.


The use of solar energy offers enormous potential for the protection of natural resources and the climate, as well as for the expansion of renewable energy sources on the road to a future-oriented energy supply. 44 Energy and Staff is a company that aims to produce more energy for the needs of our country and surrounding countries and to enable the preservation of as many green areas as possible.
We are in the process of construction of two new photovoltaic power plants in the municipality of Rankovce with a capacity of 2MW and in the village of Slivnica with a capacity of 1MW. Our vision does not end here, we plan increased construction of photovoltaic power plants, but we are also considering the possibilities of building a windmill.
We are a company that, in addition to building its photovoltaic plants, also offers services to investors and business associates. Currently we have interested more foreign investors for the construction of 50MW photovoltaic at several places in Macedonia. Our services are the following: finding land in accordance with the desired power, performing all conversions and obtaining licenses, contracts for the sale of produced electricity.

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CEO: Bozhidar Ristov 077-714-095
Office: 077-761-237

Bul. Kuzman Josifovski Pitu br. 22

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